On The Grind Productions is not affiliated with any other company with the same name. I can assist you with music styles ranging from Rock to Reggae. When you click on the various tabs at the top of the site you will hear me singing as well as rapping. If you need vocals added to your music tracks I am available. I can assist with lead vocals, background and vocal hooks. You can email your music and receive your track completed with vocals mixed edited and added. If you want a hook created but do not have any music to provide, tracks can be provided for you as well. When the store launches on this site you will be able to browse various types of music tracks to have vocals added. Select the contact tab at the top of the site to inquire and to get more details.


I own the copyright to the lyrics of all songs posted on my site. If you are interested in lyrics I can also assist you with writing songs. You can either purchase exclusive or non exclusive rights. Non Exclusive means I own my copyright to my lyrics. Exclusive means you obtain the right to the lyrics and I relinquish all rights to you. Select the contact tab at the top of the site to inquire and to get more details.



If you need an affordable website built look no further. I am also a web designer. Most web designers charge by the hour or a hefty flat fee which can exceed $500. I offer affordable website building and hosting. I can also create a custom made theme song for your website.

Your website will stand out with your very own theme song playing on the front page as visitors view your site. Having a website is a great marketing tool and can draw potential clients directly to you without the need to search for you on Facebook or other social sites online.

You will also be able to have all your social media links added to your website. The sites below are a few websites I built and hosted. Some of the websites are animated which means the images and graphics are moving but on the photo samples below you will not be able to see the animation. If you are interested use the contact tab to inquire.