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The Evolution Of Hip Hop

I’m Jlon, a singer, writer, rapper and producer. I have closely watched the transformation of Hip Hop over the years. When Hip Hop was first introduced people thought it was a fad that would soon play out. Hip Hop has not played out. It has become accepted and embraced world wide. You hear it in TV commercials, movies and many countries around the world. Although there are new artist popping up continuously the world never gets tired of the melodic beats and catchy hooks. I think it is accurate to say, the Hip Hop industry has become one of the most lucrative forms of music. You have liquor endorsements such as ┬áCiroc endorsed by Diddy, E-40’s Earl Stevens and Sluricane. 50 Cent, Drake and many other Hip Hop artist have endorsed liquor. There are also many clothing brands that have seen their profits increase due to Hip Hop. Polo, Gucci, Guess are just a few brands benefiting from the popularity of Hip Hop. Artist are making a lot more money today than they did years ago. Touring, music sales, movies, endorsements, all provide big pay outs for artist. I wrote this post because I was sitting and reflecting on how music has evolved. I’m proud of the direction that Hip Hop has taken and I truly think it’s here to stay.

Posted 26 weeks ago