I am J-lon a female singer, writer, rapper and producer. I am a unsigned independent artist. I wrote and sung all songs on this site. If you visit the tabs at the top of my site you will hear me singing various music styles. I sing many genres. I don't limit myself to any certain music style.  I also mix edit, and record my vocals. In my spare time I enjoy web design. I create and host websites.  

In my personal life I'm all about circulating positive energy and raising my vibrations. Mental growth is vital if we want to live productive lives. We must strive to become better beings and this means self renovation. If we rid ourselves of negative energy we can focus on setting goals and accomplishing great things. Life is more meaningful when we strive to reach our full potential. 

Lastly, I feel we need to focus more on important issues in the world and less on things that are superficial or irrelevant to the necessities of life. Topics such as the youth, homelessness and world hunger are most important. The fact that many youth are misguided and lack positive influences in their lives is disturbing. They need either strong parents as role models or mentors.

I am also passionate about the homeless. The homeless population is astronomical, the statistics are staggering. With a country that has such a huge budget surplus there is no reason people should sleep in parks, or in the streets. World hunger is also an important issue. I wrote and sung songs about these topics. Visit the Conscious music section on my website to hear a few of those songs.  

Sincerely,  J-Lon.